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Advertisements is great, without it we wouldn’t know much about many things we need and consume. Everywhere we go and in every media we consume we are constantly served with ads, advertisers put a lot of resources into optimizing their ad campaigns so we will be served with the ads that interest us. Advertisers goal is to get the best ROI while providing us with the best offers that match our needs/profile. In order for the advertisers to “spread the word”, they need to buy media (ad space) in multiple platforms and networks. On top of that, advertisers have to buy huge amount of serves to make sure that we are exposed to their campaigns. For example, let’s say that a car dealership “AUTOMOOVE” need to attract customers,

  1. AUTOMOOVE will hire an ad agency (MARKKETERS)
  2. MARKKETERS, will purchase media (ad space) on multiple platforms (with the funds provided by OTTOTOV)
  3. Customers (us) view the ads, some of us like the AUTOMOOVE ad/offer and act on the offer

If you pay close attention, we are funding the system. We are served with ads on platforms we pay for and consume/use,

  • TV, we pay for the device + service
  • Newspapers, we have to buy
  • Social Media, we pay for the data plan
  • Online, we pay to the internet provider
  • Movies, we pay for the tickets
  • public transportation, we pay for the tickets
  • and more..

on a daily/monthly basis, we act on those ads and pay/purchase the advertised services/products.


Ads are great and very important, some of them match our wants/needs and actually pay off, but how come we end up paying to be served with ads? it just doesn’t make any sense. We are losing money each time we view an AD, it consumes our time and resources.

Many cellular providers/operators and social media engines have realized that most of the service plan they provide to their subscribers, is consumed by ads. Although advertisers put a lot of resources in to optimizing their campaigns, most of the ads are not related to the subscribers’ wants/needs and they stand in the way of the subscribers access to the content (intrusive). In efforts to improve their services, many of them turn to ad blockers to avoid unwanted ads and give their subscribers more control. Some ad blockers companies/applications are becoming a standard and some providers working on integrating ad blockers as default in their system/services.

The way we consume information/entertainment is changing. We can see how the young generation is moving from the TV box to the mobile devices, from traditional content services to innovative platforms. The way things progressing, it looks like the media providers will have to  adjust and mend their way, the sooner the better.


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