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Get paid to receive a call!

when was the last time you received money just for receiving a call? Even a missed call, we guess never… well it’s about time we change that, your time is money and you have value, don’t let others use your time for free, get paid with every ad served with your calls.

Stop losing money!

If your not making money, your are losing money! you don’t have to “work” to get paid, you have value that can generate a revenue just for you. When you receive a call but not getting paid for it, you are losing money… receive ads with your calls and get paid!

Power Transition

Into your hands with our technology, take control over the ads served to you, advertisers will reward you greatly for opening up to them. Increase your phone environment and your economic power at the same time.

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It


Selected ads which you like the most

Best ads

You can add your favorite ads to your favorite folder for a later visit / share / purchase…


Set up your personal information

Personal information

For a better experience with our platform, you can edit your personal information and profile


Control your time and enhance your profits

Full control

Set full control over the ads you wish to be served with, maximize your profits and enhance your experience with our technology.

Share/Wire funds

Move money to your/from contacts

Send/Receive funds

You can send/receive funds directly from your contacts, fast and easier than ever.

Special offers

Receive special ads tailored to you

Get tailored promotions

Receive unique offers based on your personal settings and profile


Make money with your day to day activities

Get paid to be served

Get paid for your normal day to day mobile device activities and don’t lose money ever again.

We Make Your life Easier

Personal settings

Check your balance, update your personal information at anytime. n this screen you can edit/modify your personal information as well as redraw your funds/rewards. The great design will allow you to update/modify any detail related to your personal information extremely easy and friendly use.


Declare / make a statement of your personal preferences / assess / properties / hobbies to maximize your experience with our technology and be served with premium ads . Try to be as detailed and accurate for best results, the information is private and the advertisers do not know your names/phone credentials.

  • Full control over personal settings
  • Change itemes
  • Modify elements
  • Edit / add / remove at anytime
  • Easy interface
  • Easy to communicate


Full control over the type of ads your are served with! you tell the advertisers which ads you would like to receive / block, so advertisers won’t target you with ads which are not interested to you. You can Add / delete / change / modify the information at any time to maximizes your experience with our interface. 

  • Full control over personal settings
  • Change itemes
  • Modify elements
  • Edit / add / remove at anytime
  • Easy interface
  • Easy to communicate

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Everyone loves looking at eye candy, check out ours.

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